Welcome to the English community!

Started by CY0321, Feb 20, 2023, 03:53 PM

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Welcome to discuss anything interesting that can bring benefits to the community.


I'm new here. Collecting for more info regarding FireDAO. White paper link?


Hi, found out FireDAO in twitter. Hope I am not too late for joining.


Glad to be here at early stage. Hope to witness the rise of FireDAO and be part of the history.  ;D


It is an honor to be a member of FireDAO.
In the future, let us create a great era of FireDAO together!
FireDAO will surely go to the world!


Let's join the Telegram to get more about firedao


Welcome mates to the English community!
Let's build and create a fun and valuable community together 🔥


Being a member of FireDAO is truly a privilege and an honor. Together, let's forge a remarkable era for FireDAO in the days to come! The future holds immense potential, and our collective efforts will propel FireDAO to expand its reach globally. Rest assured, FireDAO is poised to make a significant impact on the world!


I feel incredibly honored to be a member of FireDAO and value this opportunity immensely.
Collectively, we have the power to forge an extraordinary era for FireDAO in the foreseeable future.
There is no doubt that FireDAO's influence will extend globally, leaving a profound impact in its wake.


I found the FireDao in zealy platform.
I saw the whitepaper; FireDao has limitless potential.
I decide to apply as Moderator in a telegram to help people understand more about FireDao.
I hope my knowledge can help some of them to understand more about FireDao.
MOD in telegram and Discord


Being a part of FireDAO is a privilege.
Let's collaboratively usher in an incredible era for FireDAO in the future!
FireDAO is bound to make a global impact!