FireDAO Discord Phase 2 Invitation Contest: Invite and Win! 👾

Started by FireDAO, Jul 25, 2023, 02:58 PM

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💰Total Prize Pool: 159 USDT + 96,000 FLM
⏰Contest Duration: 26th July UTC+8 12.00am - 4th August UTC+8 11:59pm

The more, the merrier! Let's invite all your enthusiastic friends to join our Discord server and actively contribute to FireDAO's collective growth and success. Together, we are building a strong and knowledgeable community that shares a common consensus about FireDAO.

🏆Exciting prizes await! Here's how it works:

For each successfully invited and verified friend, you will earn 0.3point.

Earn additional points based on your friend's level in Discord:
Level 1: Earn 1 point
Level 2: Earn 4 points
Level 3: Earn 6 points
Level 4: Earn 8 points
Level 5: Earn 10 points
Level 6: Earn 12 points
Level 7: Earn 14 points
Level 8: Earn 16 points
Level 9: Earn 18 points
Level 10: Earn 20 points

💰Prize Distribution:
The top 30 participants with the highest points will win the following prizes:

♦️Top 3: 10 USDT + 1,000 FLM each (Total 30 USDT + 3,000 FLM)
♦️4th to 10th: 7 USDT + 800 FLM each (Total 49 USDT + 5,600 LM)
♦️11th to 30th: 4 USDT + 500 FLM each (Total 80 USDT + 10,000 FLM)

Invite your friends, earn points, and secure your position among the top winners to claim your share of the prize pool!

⚠️ Make sure your invited friends are verified in Discord to qualify for points.

✔️The Team will thoroughly verify the authenticity of the invitations to ensure a fair and unbiased contest. Any bots will be rejected.

✔️The Team will need 2 days to review, another day for publishing and appealing, and finally the official publication.

Let the invitation frenzy begin!