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Started by LL888, Aug 28, 2023, 07:48 AM

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What are the pros and cons and differences between face-to-face communication and online communication? What's the difference between communicating across the screen and communicating face to face?


1, face-to-face communication can talk more real, face-to-face chat in order to observe the other party's real-time expression and expression, in order to capture the feelings expressed by the other party.  Only in the first time can oral communication unreservedly express their inner feelings without being restricted by language and words, so that it is easier to establish emotional resonance with the other side of the communication.
2. Face-to-face communication can bring people closer to each other, promote feelings between people, developed technology, and can not make people build deep trust through online chat. The most sincere negotiations must be face-to-face negotiations.
3. Face-to-face communication can really dance with each other, but online chat will always have only withered voice or words or pictures and videos.


Face to face communication can better convey your thoughts and emotions to each other through facial expressions and body language, and promote the purpose of communication between both parties. Facing the person you are communicating with often makes you express better ideas, and also helps to enhance the relationship. Face to face communication can also exercise their eloquence and expression.


Whether face-to-face communication is superior to other forms of communication has aroused controversy. Modern communication methods such as telephone and email are more convenient, but face to face communication has its own advantages.
Personally, I don't think face-to-face communication is superior to other forms of communication. First of all, face-to-face communication is more efficient, because people often meet each other, in addition to verbal communication, their facial expressions, body movements are beneficial to people's understanding, so the chance of misunderstanding will be reduced. However, we have to admit that this kind of communication is limited by time and space, and we usually communicate with people who are far away and who are busy. On the other hand, a phone call, email or text message is more effective in this case. We can call people who are far away, and if they are busy, we can send them an email. Besides not being able to see each other, talking on the phone is the most direct form of communication. Today, there are many real-time conversation tools on the web. Online video and voice chat are equivalent to face-to-face communication.
To sum up, in today's fast-changing world, I don't think face-to-face communication is superior to other forms of communication. With the development of science and technology, there will be more efficient ways of communication in the future.