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Started by Jane, Sep 07, 2023, 10:29 AM

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Offline sharing activities have been observed to be taking place worldwide. By sharing the FireDAO economic model and explaining how to mint a PID, these activities become highly effective. FireDAO would like to thank every participant of the promotion, thank you for doing your best to develop and explore the market, empowering the FireDAO ecology to enter a whole new stage of development!

In order to achieve this goal, we have created a dedicated section for recording exchange meetings.

1. If you participate in offline activities related to the FireDAO project and provide photos or video records, please reply to this post with a brief summary and upload the media. By doing so, you will be eligible for 1000-2000 FLM rewards. The amount of rewards will be determined based on the quality of your exchange experience and results achieved by college students.

The content of the summary can refer to the following:

1. Date:
2. Organizer/PID:
3. Number of participants:
4. Discussion content:
5. Effect:
6.Upload 3 or more photos, at least one with FireDAO's logo.
[tips: you can use this website to process the pictures:].

2. Meanwhile, you can upload the photos in our discord #offline-activites channel, and attached your post link here to earn extra 500-1000 FLM.

Let's spread FireDAO to every corner of the world together!!


Summary of exchanges
1. Date: 2023.9.1
2. Organizer/PID: Jane
3. Number of people: 6   
4. Discussion: FireDAO 3+2+7+x FLM and FDT mechanism.
5. Effect: Very interested in FireDAO, one of them is going to mint PID and will continue to learn more about it.



Communication summary
1. Date:  2023.9.4 Kuala Lumpur
2. Organizer/PID: minihu
3. Number of people: 7 people
4. Discussion content: FireDAO economic model
5. Effect:  During this exchange, everyone has a strong interest in firedao


1. Date:2023.9.7
2. Organizer/PID:Laura
3. Number of participants:4
4. Discussion content: How to be an early contributor?
5. Effect: Two friends donated eth and attended OG.



FireDAO presentation
4 persons