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Defi and Gamefi

Started by www789, Nov 29, 2023, 09:10 PM

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GameFi, or Game Finance (adding financial elements to the game), or the more core model called Play to Earn, is essentially a money game. GameFi is actually PoW + DeFi, by spending time and effort to gain revenue through the game, there can be no original funds, and DeFi is based on the proof of stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, the need for the original cost of capital, through mining gains. The Defi component of Gamefi is mainly reflected in: NFT game assets are decentralized, can participate in providing liquidity and some pledged mining.
Gamefi is about playing games, Defi is about mining. GameFi is the DeFi mining process replaced by games, money is not a necessary condition, time and effort is the key condition to benefit. You have to play with the characters and the props and win over the complex levels and strategies to make money. It's a much longer route than mining, so the project has a longer life cycle. If the economic model of the game itself and the game play design more mature and perfect, the more you can extend the life of the game. Moreover, the Defi project charges only about 0.3%, while the Gamefi project revenue more than 10 times, the charge reached 3% +, the project itself also has more capital flow feedback game.
For ordinary users, the cost of understanding DeFi mining is much higher than playing games, so the chain game can be out of the circle, which can make users in Southeast Asian countries flock, which is why the current GameFi project income can even exceed One of the reasons why most DeFi projects.


If DeFiis to reproduce the real financial system in a distributed structure in the blockchain, then GameFiis to visualize the blockchain finance expressed by DeFiin games. GameFi through the integration of DeFi and NFT concepts, and presented in the form of games, in a more intuitive way to run the blockchain financial system, in the specific chain tour project, GameFi game rules and props, derivatives, is based on DeFi logic based on the operation of NFT products.


DeFi, which stands for Decentralized Finance, is a financial services ecosystem built on blockchain technology and aims to decentralize traditional financial services. GameFi is a concept that combines the gaming field with DeFi, applying the concepts and mechanisms of DeFi to the gaming world.
DeFi: DeFi provides a series of financial services, such as lending, liquidity mining, stablecoin issuance, trading, etc. These services do not require traditional financial institutions as intermediaries, but are implemented through smart contracts and blockchain technology. The goal of DeFi is to provide a more open, transparent and trustless financial system.
GameFi: GameFi introduces the concept of DeFi into the game industry, combining the digital assets and economic system in the game with the mechanism of DeFi. In GameFi, players can earn income through economic activities in the game and use digital assets in the game for various financial services in DeFi.
Future Outlook and Trends:
Integration of game economy and finance: GameFi combines the game's economic system with the financial mechanism of DeFi, connecting game players' activities with financial incentives, which may trigger more innovation and participation in the game industry.
Application of NFT in games: As an irreplaceable digital asset, NFT has huge potential in games. NFT can be used for unique game props, characters, maps, etc., and may play an important role in GameFi.
Financial tools and reward mechanisms: GameFi may introduce various financial tools and reward mechanisms, such as liquidity mining, token rewards, lending mechanisms, etc., to encourage players to participate in the game and generate economic value.