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Gamefi Project Categories

Started by LL888, Dec 01, 2023, 09:21 AM

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There are many types of GameFi projects at present, but they can be roughly divided into two modes, one is to give gamification functions on the basis of the traditional liquidity mining mode, the other is to directly build the entire game process into a mining mode. Let the user play the game in an immersive way, and the game items or NFT equipment obtained in the process can be sold for revenue.


These two are exactly the major objectives of gamefication. And that's why it is mostly referred to as Play to Earn (P2E). But another features imbibed into gamefication now are staking, betting and finance management (GameFi).


Certainly, GameFi projects today generally fall into two main categories. One involves adding gamification features to the traditional liquidity mining model. The other mode integrates the entire gaming experience into a mining framework, allowing users to immerse themselves in the game. In this approach, the game items or NFT equipment acquired during gameplay can be sold for additional revenue. This diversification in GameFi models provides users with different ways to engage and benefit from the gaming and blockchain integration.