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【Twitter Bounty Task】2023.06.9

Started by SpaceboyTF, Jun 09, 2023, 02:42 AM

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【Twitter Bounty Task】2023.06.9

Twitter Bounty Task: Comment and stand a chance to win FLM tokens

Details are as follows:

1.   Share your thoughts, #FIREDAO and tag @FireDAOlab in the tweets on the link as below :

1) Twitter KOL : @Ralvero

2) Twitter KOL : @ArbitrumStation

3)Twitter KOL : @ArbHubETH

4)Twitter KOL : @shahh

5)Twitter KOL : @MinisterOfNFTs

6)Twitter KOL : @TheLostDonkeys

7)Twitter KOL : @EllenQueenNFT

8)Twitter KOL : @riccardogems

9)Twitter KOL : @3orovik

2.   Upload a link proof of your tweet and you will be rewarded with 20 FLM tokens each.

3.   First come First serve, 100 slots available