[1]FireDAO is about to launch soon on mainnet

Started by Junning, Feb 21, 2023, 12:19 PM

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After ten months of dedicated preparation, FireDAO will soon be launched on the Arbitrum One mainnet! We will officially launch FirePassport, the first product of the FireDAO ecosystem - the genesis casting of PID. PID is a non-transferable NFT based on the ERC721 standard, which is bound to the soul of the FireDAO Web3 identity system. Anyone can cast a PID to become a preliminary member of FireDAO.We are highly optimistic about the long-term development of the Arbitrum ecosystem! FireDAO hopes to build a more open and transparent DAO ecosystem based on the Arbitrum ecosystem. We aim to become part of the Arbitrum ecosystem as a social DAO and Web3 identity system, and explore social experiments based on the soul of Web3 together with the entire crypto world.

FireDAO is a social DAO initiated by the RainbowCity Foundation based on PID and its soul-bound accounts. It is a community-driven autonomous economy on chain whose founder is @FireKun. Based on PID and FID, FireDAO combines different types of soul-bound tokens to calculate the "on-chain reputation" score, and finally builds a native Web3 chain identity system.

FireDAO's core seed members have reached nearly 500 , over half of whom were the core contributors of the FCoin community in 2018. We hope to ignite the raging fire of human civilization under the guidance of Satoshi Nakamoto's idea of Bitcoin decentralization, and together we promote the evolution of human society to the advanced "Bit Civilization".In the past week, FireDAO's core seed members have minted nearly 500 PIDs on the @Arbitrum Goerli testnet, and FireDAO will soon launch the PID's genesis casting on the @Arbitrum One mainnet. The community users with serial No. PID1-10000 are all within the scope of FireDAO genesis casting.Any PID user who participates in the genesis casting will receive the soul airdrop of FireDAO Web3 identity token NFT FireSeed. In the future, the PID soul airdrop will be divided into two stages: the first stage will be for PID1-1000 community users, and the other for PID1-10000 community users. The specific airdrop policy is subject to the official announcement of FireDAO in the future.

If you would like to learn more about the origin of FireDAO, please refer to this article on the genesis of FireDAO by its founder FireKun: