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how is the progress of this project?

Started by tsuneonew24, Jul 02, 2023, 02:30 AM

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when do you think one of the tokens will be listed on the market? and whats your target market Binance? Bybit? Mexc? or something.


At present, FireDAO project development is on the right track, the number of participants is increasing day by day, the market time also needs to be determined according to the development of the project, too hasty may not have good results


Very interesting project, I hope you can reach great heights and you will have success, I wish you luck in your business! At the end of the project they should be able to achieve a great success.


Currently, the FireDAO project is progressing steadily, with a growing number of participants joining each day. It's important to note that the timing of market activities should align with the project's development. Rushing into the market prematurely may not yield favorable outcomes. Patience and a well-timed approach are crucial for success.